Wednesday Nights | 6:30Pm-8pm | Gr 5-8 | Triple Room

Where lives collide with Jesus

Why We Do this

These years in a child's life are some of the most formative. It's a period marked by transition, change, and questions. In today's world this group is forced to grow up fast. They're faced with mature subject matter that's beyond their years. That is why at Parkway we strive to have space for this group to build a strong relationship with Jesus that will support them trough asking tough questions and discovering who they are in this world.  

What we do

A typical night is comprised of many elements. First, we have teams. We've split the group into 4 teams. The students stay on their assigned team for duration of the year. The teams compete for points and the winning team will get a laser tag and pizza party with the jr. high leadership over the summer. Second, games. We play 2-3 games every week including a team game to give the teams a chance to tally up some points. Third, a relevant lesson. Each week for about 15 minuets the students are taught a biblically based lesson on topics that are relevant to them. The final element of the night is discussion time. After the lesson the groups spread out and talk what they've learned with their groups leader. In-between all this there candy, prizes, and loads of fun.    

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